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Some online guitar teachers would have you believe you can go from novice to virtuoso within a few videos and strums. This approach can lead to disappointment and self doubt. Not something you want when you have a beautiful guitar or ukulele that begs to be played.

Regardless of where you are on your musical journey, the reason you are here is because you believe you could be better. You are absolutely right but it won't happen overnight. You need to develop your skills and nurture them through regular practice.

With the Richard Durrant Academy Passport you will have full, unlimited access to every one of our public courses, for any type of guitar or ukulele and to every other resource designed to assist you in your musical journey. This means you will be free to learn at your own pace, repeating lessons as many times as you like, reaching new levels of ability as you tackle more challenging techniques.

For less than the monthly price of a gym membership, as an Academy Passport holder, you can exercise your guitar skills while staying in control of your budget.

There's no long term tie-in or commitment and you can stop your subscription at any time, just paying for one month at a time. Join today and let your journey begin.

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Academy Passport includes these courses

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