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Here's where you'll find help on subjects like choosing a guitar or uke, changing strings, tuning and looking after your nails. Use Disqus to ask questions and share experiences.

Richard Durrant

Twelve Classical Guitar Studies

'Go to' classical guitar studies that are the perfect daily, musical workout with plenty of subtle physical and artistic challenges.

Richard Durrant

Quick Start Acoustic Guitar

If you are new to the Acoustic Guitar this is the best place for you! With Richard's help you'll be making music within minutes.

Richard Durrant

Quick Start Tenor Guitar

Whether you're a complete beginner, or have have moved across form the six string instrument, this course is for you.

Richard Durrant

Sight Reading for Guitar

The Sight Reading Course covers the two main sight reading skills of rhythmic fluency and knowledge of pitch. You'll also become familiar with the link between fluent sight reading and key awareness.