What You'll Find Here

Think of the Academy Tea Bar as just that - the place where you get hints and tips on all aspects of your guitar.

Here's where you'll find help on subjects like choosing a guitar or uke, changing strings, tuning and looking after your nails. 

And the best bit...it's FREE! 


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Live Post Concert Chats

    • 'Backstage' Post Concert Chats

  • 2

    Classical Guitar Collection

    • Recuerdos de la Alhambra by Francisco Tarraga

    • The Crest The Combe The Twitten - a guitar solo by Richard Durrant

    • El Abejorro by Emilio Pujo

    • The First Flight of the Baby Seagull by Richard Durrant

    • Una limosna por el amor de Dios by Augustin Barrios

    • Learn the solo piece 'My Lady Jane' - Performance Video

    • Learn the solo piece 'My Lady Jane' - Lesson Video

  • 3

    Tenor Guitar Collection

    • About the Tenor Guitar - Video

    • Sky Boat Medley video

    • Little Study in G for Tenor Guitar

  • 4

    Ukulele Collection

    • The Slurred Uke Video

    • SlurredUkeStaff+Chords

    • Ukulele Puzzle No. 1 - The Challenge

    • Ukulele Puzzle No. 1 - The Solution

    • Ukulele Puzzle No. 2 - The Challenge

    • Ukulele Puzzle No. 2 - The Solution

    • Tuning Your Ukulele Video

    • Ukulele Tuning Graphic

  • 5

    Tuning and Strings

    • Restringing Your Guitar Video (nylon strings)

    • Guitar Tuning

    • Guitar Tuning Graphic

    • Ukulele Tuning Video

    • Ukulele Tuning Graphic

    • Tenor Guitar Tuning Video

    • Tenor Guitar Tuning images

  • 6

    Hands, Nails and Plectrums

    • Hand and Nail Care for Guitarists

    • Plectrums - Take Your Pick

  • 7

    19th and 21st Century Guitars - A Comparison

    • 19th Century Guitar versus 21st Century Concert Guitar - Introduction

    • Opus 43 No 6 'The Return of the Hamster'

    • Study for the Right Hand in A minor

    • Arpeggio Study in C

    • Melodic Study in C

    • Two Part Study in D minor

    • Classical Study in C

    • Melodic Study in D

    • Study for the Left Hand in A

    • Melodic Study in D minor

    • Study in D minor

    • Arpeggio Study in E minor

    • Study in C

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