Classical Guitar Studies

Sor and Giuliani | taught by Richard Durrant

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Course description

Studies of this quality provide a perfect daily, musical workout with plenty of subtle physical and artistic challenges.

Learn musical notation for guitarThis collection of carefully chosen pieces will help you develop some fundamental, classical techniques, increase your knowledge of the fingerboard and add to your repertoire of great music.

The module is made up of popular works by Fernando Sor and Mauro Giuliani who are major figures in the history of the guitar.  In each film the pieces are explained in detail and played by Richard and every lesson comes with a carefully edited and fingered, downloadable PDF.

As ever, Richard would encourage you to read the proper music which contains a wealth of information. This module is your chance to glide gracefully away from the limitations of tab and immerse yourself in the liberating and versatile world of musical notation.

Richard Durrant
Richard Durrant

Richard studied guitar, cello, composition and piano at the Royal College of Music. He is an Associate of the Royal College of Music, a Fellow of the London College of Music and a proud ambassador for the Brighton Youth Orchestra.

This guitarist and composer is instantly recognisable as he is the only virtuoso soloist who performs standing up - and usually in bare feet! His playing is richly romantic, truly virtuosic and crosses all musical boundaries.

He performs on concert guitar, tenor guitar, ukulele and a variety of other instruments.

Richard was born in Brighton, England. By the time he entered the Royal College of Music, aged 18, he had already begun to explore classical, folk and contemporary music and had a growing reputation as a concert guitarist.

Following his official debut recital at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London in July 1986, Richard turned sharply left and pursued his diverse interests in electro/acoustic music, improvisation, composition and multi-media. He has remained, by choice, outside of the classical music establishment ever since, in fact he recommends a total abandonment of what he calls “the C word”.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Classical Guitar Studies
Study 1 - Arpeggio Study in E Minor - Mauro Giuliani
Study 2 - Study for the Right Hand in Am by Mauro Giuliani