One Fret Beyond

These films should prove an entertaining way to thoroughly explore common issues faced by players of any fretted string instrument. If you fancy a break in your practise - sit back and enjoy.

Each episode explores a single, technical concept and Richard’s musical observations and commentary offer direct practical help throughout.

Watch the introductory film to see how “One Fret Beyond” fits into your journey around the RDA.

Filming for “One Fret Beyond” started between lockdowns in autumn 2020. The initial series was completed for its release in April 2021.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to One Fret Beyond - Video

  • 2

    Holding the Guitar

    • Holding the Guitar - Video

  • 3

    Tones and Colours

    • Tones and Colours - Video

  • 4

    Impossible Stretches

    • Impossible Stretches - Video

  • 5

    Bar Chords

    • Bar Chords - Video

  • 6


    • Harmonics - Video

  • 7

    Fret Buzz

    • Fret Buzz - Video

  • 8

    Slurs, Hammers and Snaps

    • Slurs, Hammers and Snaps - Video

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