Sight Reading for Guitar

taught by Richard Durrant

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Course description

Sight Reading for Guitar

Compared to the physical difficulties of playing an instrument, reading music is actually pretty straightforward. Certainly, a little knowledge of written notation can unlock a whole new aspect of your playing leading to more fluent improvisation, greater musical flexibility and more acute listening skills - not to mention being able to browse through eleven centuries of great tunes!

In this ten lesson Sight Reading course you'll learn and practise the two main sight reading skills of recognising rhythm and understanding pitch. You will also encounter chord symbols mixed in with standard notation. Whether you are a finger style or a plectrum player this course will be of immense benefit to your general musical awareness. 

Additional content:

  • Explore the link between fluent sight reading and key awareness.
  • Play along with Richard in his specially written duets and trios.
  • Challenge yourself with the extended content in lessons 9 and 10.

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Richard Durrant
Richard Durrant

Richard studied guitar, cello, composition and piano at the Royal College of Music. He is an Associate of the Royal College of Music, a Fellow of the London College of Music and a proud ambassador for the Brighton Youth Orchestra.

This guitarist and composer is instantly recognisable as he is the only virtuoso soloist who performs standing up - and usually in bare feet! His playing is richly romantic, truly virtuosic and crosses all musical boundaries.

He performs on concert guitar, tenor guitar, ukulele and a variety of other instruments.

Richard was born in Brighton, England. By the time he entered the Royal College of Music, aged 18, he had already begun to explore classical, folk and contemporary music and had a growing reputation as a concert guitarist.

Following his official debut recital at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London in July 1986, Richard turned sharply left and pursued his diverse interests in electro/acoustic music, improvisation, composition and multi-media. He has remained, by choice, outside of the classical music establishment ever since, in fact he recommends a total abandonment of what he calls “the C word”.

Course Curriculum

Sight Reading Lesson 1
Sight Reading Lesson 2
Sight Reading Lesson 3
Sight Reading Lesson 4
Sight Reading Lesson 5
Sight Reading Lesson 6
Sight Reading Lesson 7
Sight Reading Lesson 8
Sight Reading Lesson 9