Ukulele Launch Pad

Discovering the sweet tones of the uke | taught by Richard Durrant
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Gail Whitney

Great idea!

Very clear, concise and slow enough to keep up with. Again, brilliant idea.

Simon Popek


Again excellent insight into the Ukulele well done.

Gail Whitney

Very clear, concise and slow enough to keep up with. Again, brilliant idea.

Simon Popek

Again excellent insight into the Ukulele well done.

Richard Durrant
Richard Durrant

About the Instructor

British stand-up, barefoot, un-classical guitarist and composer Richard Durrant's guitar playing is richly romantic, truly virtuosic and crosses all musical boundaries.

He performs on concert guitar, tenor guitar, ukulele and a variety of other instruments.

Richard was born in Brighton, England. By the time he entered the Royal College of Music, aged 18, he had already begun to explore classical, folk and contemporary music and had a growing reputation as a concert guitarist.

Following his official debut recital at the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre, London in July 1986, Richard turned sharply left and pursued his diverse interests in electro/acoustic music, improvisation, composition and multi-media. He has remained, by choice, outside of the classical music establishment ever since, in fact he recommends a total abandonment of what he calls “the C word”.

Richard holds a Performers Diploma and teaching qualification from the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London, is an Associate of the RCM, is a Fellow of the London College of Music and is an Ambassador for the Brighton Youth Orchestra.

Unlock the Harmonies

This course is your ideal launch pad if you're a new uke player, have recently converted from the guitar or have been strumming for a while but want to improve your technique and develop your musicianship.

I will help you unlock the potential in your uke as, together, we explore some of the rhythmic and harmonious characteristics of this portable, low cost, easy to learn musical instrument.

Despite being closely related to the guitar, the ukulele has its own, very characterful tuning. You will learn how to tune, hold, strum, pick and move your fingers around the whole length of the fingerboard, including the 'dusty end'. You will also learn a good number of chords which will be grouped in keys.

Each lesson is around 10 minutes but - you will need to practise at least double this amount of time each day to get the most from the course.

You will be able to move onto the next lesson between 5 and 7 days after completing the last one. This will ensure you will have plenty of time to practice between lessons.

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